Sorry for the plums: Euthanasia & houseboats.

For the first time in a while we ended up having a “normal” dinner with mom. She was with her boyfriend and my brother brought his girlfriend. (I brought a retarded smile) We ended up discussing curtains, salaries and euthanasia. We left with a big bag of plums and apples, plucked from very ripe trees.



We’re heading to Copenhagen with Skup Palet. We’re still not decided on the details of our presence, although our involvement is clear – we’re going to represent ourselves, and with that an alternative mode of art organisation; Most of the other people there are either going to be presenting their galleries and publications, or they have a common goal.

There’s nine of us in the org. Our only common denominator is also the lowest one – facilitate the creation of whatever it is that its individual members are interested in. I think someone wants to invite speakers, someone else print a book. Most of us want to make money on doing art, not an easy proposition under the best of circumstances.

With the thoughts about career that have popped into my mind as of late, there is also the question of place. I’ve entertained the idea that now might be the time for me to move somewhere where I’d be alone, spend some time reading the books that are mostly gathering dust and maybe use the laptop for stuff other than occasional bloggery and Internet pop culture. Y’know, learn things or something. It’s all very hazy.

Chalk this ambition up to whatever category of delusions are common for frustrated people. None of my friends that I’ve asked about this have been supportive. Three of them have independent of each other said that I’d literally go insane should I go into seclusion. And not just in a “oh hey it’s kinda boring here in the forest” insane but rather “let’s smear faeces on the walls and pray to the moon godess.” I take it they mean I am a city person.

Petter is talking about buying a boat and such talk sparks ideas of getting a houseboat or sailing around the world. (By the way, once you’ve gone around the world, where else is there to go? What modality of existence or nature haven’t you experienced?) But beyond nurturing escapist fantasies too grandiose to fulfil, what is a manboy to do?



I was looking at bikes with Jonas the other day, and it struck me that I’d like to have more money. Hey, there you go, an ambition! I hardly recognised it it’s been so long! So part of this ambition would be to find a niche where I’m happy enough and make enough money and progress to support myself.

So photography maybe? My brother and I are once again talking about the possibility of going freelance as a reporting team, but the exact details of financing the project are still in need of some ironing. As far as I know it would entail us living out of a car. Well, whatever. Let’s start with updating the homepage, then we take Berlin.

Speak like a pirate day, every day!

Congratulations to us, there’s now at least one pirate in the EU parliament!

I don’t hold representative democracy in high regard, but it’s going to be interesting to see if Christian will get anything good done; Here’s hoping the green or left block buys him off by adopting the pirate platform in exchange for his support!

The panorama above is from the voting place at the central station in Stockholm Sunday evening, and the image below is the same panorama I always do whenever I’m on Skeppsholmen and am waiting for the bloody bus.

Having more fun than Jesus ever had!

I am not good at entertaining myself, and people are not returning my calls. Here are a few ideas I’ve been tossing around as to how I can become more “fun”:


Since I’m working with architecture at the moment, maybe now is the time to start planning that hobbit house that I’ve been dreaming about. I will pass on the round doors though.


Feed evil people to my free-range pet or get more hot sex with 40+ dancers who appreciate cheating on their husbands. Both are OK. Stop watching Californication which cannot be good for anyones constitution.


Photoshop the title covers of self-help books. Possibly subvert hypnosis self-improvement audiotapes to sow the seeds of confusion and future bedlam.


Go on vacation and learn to appreciate sleeping by the pool. Get a horrible tan and spend two weeks peeling my skin in public until I am porous enough to bleed like a sponge.


Accidentally knocking a catholic up, or dress like a retarded rabbit.

Living at a distance of 400 kilometers

Being in Stockholm I’m not really taking advantage of the situation. There are so many things to do that one is hard-pressed to choose.

Afrikansk dans
Bird skeleton

Most of my social life is managed at a distance – every three days I Skype with Anna to see what’s up, and I’m staring into the camera at the top of the screen and imagine that I’m still partaking in whatever hijinx they are up to back in Gothenburg.

I visited over the last weekend, helping Hanna to move her tremendous amount of crap valuable items into her apartment. (the roof is, like, 5 metres high!) Good fun was had, and Saturday was spend being exceptionally drunk and giggling like a school girl, while talking about hard AI and wallet design with Pär and Petter.

Skype Mateusz och Anna

One month has passed of my employment, much faster than I had imagined. I am working at the national museum of Architecture in the middle of Stockholm, on a web project about to the history of city planning.

It’s great fun, but I haven’t worked, as in work worked on any long term project since I did that flag burning thing four years ago. I’m not used to it, is all, but it’s progressing.

Here’s a sign of the times – someone demolished a bus-stop using a 17″computer screen. Back in the day, we vandals used stones. It’s like stone-age to technological society in fifteen years time, from a destructive point of view! Progress!

Skärm genom rutan

It was a hoot getting the first paycheck. I visited Albrecht in Karlstad, and only wish that when my 30th birthday rolls around I will behave with equal dignity and class. I still own him a present, but since I’ve spend my first paycheck on debts he’s just gonna have to wait until the end of next month.


For the next couple of weeks I hope to explore the city a bit better. Right now I only find two beer halls and one Chinese restaurant. Haven’t seen any exhibitions, and travelling three hours each day just to commute to the suburbs kills my ability to do anything except sleeping and smoking.

So, in order to cheer me up, you should invite me to meet people at least as fun and charming as I am. And even though my sexdrive has driven into a wall, I have been imagining standing behind someone cupping their breasts. I don’t know why that image has stuck with me, but there you go. If you know of someone who would appreciate being cupped, you know where to turn.

Cupped breasts

And if you want to talk to someone who has had nightmares about programming two days straight, I’m your man as well.

2008, the year of ****

I seldom listen to song lyrics – often it’s just a line that is coherent enough for me to focus on, and of course Tom Waits filters in somewhere whenever he’s gently crooning – but I might be missing out. Anna is all Morrissey Morrissey Morrissey ooh listen to the lyrics and I can’t really empathise with that, but she sent me a song of LCD Soundsystem, All my friends, and it has some really good lines.

Especially fitting since I’m in Stockholm doing something that doesn’t really resemble anything you might call living.

Oh, if the trip and the plan come apart in your hand
You look contorted on yourself your ridiculous prop
You forgot what you meant when you read what you said
And you always knew you were tired, but then
Where are your friends tonight?

Yes, well, ok. I’m in good health, and except that I worry about people in Poland, I’m fucking peachy. Peachy but bored. I just hope that I won’t regret being “bored.” Last time I did we got 2007.