Having more fun than Jesus ever had!

I am not good at entertaining myself, and people are not returning my calls. Here are a few ideas I’ve been tossing around as to how I can become more “fun”:


Since I’m working with architecture at the moment, maybe now is the time to start planning that hobbit house that I’ve been dreaming about. I will pass on the round doors though.


Feed evil people to my free-range pet or get more hot sex with 40+ dancers who appreciate cheating on their husbands. Both are OK. Stop watching Californication which cannot be good for anyones constitution.


Photoshop the title covers of self-help books. Possibly subvert hypnosis self-improvement audiotapes to sow the seeds of confusion and future bedlam.


Go on vacation and learn to appreciate sleeping by the pool. Get a horrible tan and spend two weeks peeling my skin in public until I am porous enough to bleed like a sponge.


Accidentally knocking a catholic up, or dress like a retarded rabbit.

Comparative babyism

Gotta touch up on the essay today, after a weekend drunk/sleep.

Let’s start with my baby is smaller than your baby. World tiniest born (alive) baby is leaving the hospital, and the doctor (or someone) who just had to take a picture so that we can go all ooh and aah didn’t have anything medical looking to compare it to and used a pen:

And I’ve always had a weak spot for political cartoons:

Click image for more

And here’s some grainy footage from the fundraising party that the label copy/past threw last weekend: