Exercise & exorcism

Brilliant party at HFF this weekend. Haven’t bunnyhopped that much in a long time (I was shouting “woooooo-o” as well, which doesn’t happen often) (Although I was drunk, which happens quite a bit) and my legs are still sore.

Re: Sore legs: I entertained the workout habit this morning, and ended up going failure on my legs. Especially the inner thighs are hurting, and a thought struck me: If I keep on working out I’ll be able to get off just by squeezing my legs together. Is that the reason why there are so many guys at the gym? But what’s in it for the women then? A muscular labia?

I don’t recall properly, but I seemed to get rejected by someone, and hit on by someone else. Now, if I could only have somehow combined the two occurrences, I’m quite certain that they would negate each other, resulting in something interesting. The rejection was “Sorry, but i have better judgement than that“, but I cannot for the life of me recall what prompted it.

Half an hour before the speakers were turned off, I ran around using the horrible video function on my mobile. Try as i may I can’t make something out of nothing, so most of it is just a blur and a horrendous screeching sound. (Although the sound is more or less realistic – the volume was above average)

I generally dance like a god; Perhaps a god of destruction rather than a graceful being full of love, but either way I kept the carnage up until eight in the morning and slept until 21:00 Sunday.

Richard Morgan lecture

I’m not sure if I’ve gotten the whole embed-thing working, but below you should be able to watch the lecture Richard Morgan gave at this years (2006) bookfair in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s approximately 45 minutes in lenght.

update: of course i screwed up the movie.
due to some caching issues it slowed the blog downturning it into a bog! nhja-nhja-nhja!, so i’ve removed the embedded video. the download link below still works though, and i’m currently setting the video up on revver (better quality than youtube, i hope). check back in a day or so.

update again: here’s the revver video. somehow i don’t have full confidence for revver – either they have a lot of traffic right now, or they only hang around the windowsxp crowd. either way, here’s the embeded video:

download it by right-clicking on it:
Richard_Morgan_BBM_2006.mov [210 mb]

His first book 7-11° Celsius was recently translated into Swedish, and I wrote a review (in Swedish) that’s appearing on Yelah.net, the anarchist magazine on whos behalf I was covering the bookfair.

lazy sunday afternoon

i was going to go sailing with my good friend tobbe. to manage this, i would had to have caught a bus at 0915, requiring me to get up at latest around 0800. considering i was out drinking last night and didn’t fall asleep until four or somesuch, i woke up 0945. fuck. on the other hand, i’m hung over and prolly would have puked most of the day.

today is election day, but i’m drinking coffee and sitting in front of a screen, browsing the internets, hoping to find something funny/interesting. well, what do you think about these two?

The ‘happy birthday mom’ thingy

The project finished succesfully. One person actually heard my cries for help and emailed me a clip. So thank you very mush Nina, I appreciate it a lot.

As for the rest of you lot who saw this page but didn’t bother helping out: Screw you big time, you slackers.
Internet bridging the gaps between people my ass; More like Internet allowing people unlimited ways of doing a lot and doing nothing

In the end, I had eighty-something videos, but decided to edit it down to fifty (since, you know, it was my moms fiftieth birthday?) and here’s the resulting video. (with which, of course, I created a dvd)

To the people who participated: Thank you very much. It made my mom happy.

Last minute! Bomb ticking! Help me be a good son!

Ok ok, I’m a reasonably good person, and a reasonably good son, although i really really suck at remembering birthdays and so on.
This has proven problematic since my moms 50th birthday is coming up… Which prompted me to create this homepage, which you should check out if you want to save me. Unless I get something nice together my only other options are either to
1) Stop smoking as a gift to my mom
2) Cut my hair as a sacrifice on the altar of ‘looking decent for once’
3) Get a tattoo of my mom

Truth be told, I don’t think number 3 is all that popular, since according to mom only convicts and bikers have tattoos. Anywho. Check it out, and help me the hell out…

Another video online

I’ve added another video to the guiltyguiltyguilty.org page: Mark Melvin.

Since last week I haven’t really touched the page, just sort of leaning back and occasionally watching the traffic stats (not all that high yet), but I’ll prolly get around changing some of the texts – as it stands it’s focusing a bit too much on music- & film-piracy, instead of the more general question of “intellectual property – is it a useful concept?” sorta thing.

But for now – feed my ego and go and watch the new video.

2009 Update: The above mentioned site is now defunct. Go to monocultured.com for a mirror of the project.