Uppåt Framåt! Drinking germs!

Gameknot Ddos attack
Dukoral flaska
Hanna profil

I can’t imagine why someone would try to bring gameknot.com down – it’s the chess site where I hang out and get beat by people from around the world. I guess someone was losing worse than I and decided to kill the server.

To prepare for the trip next week, I drank 10×2510 bacteria, all contained in one small vial of Dukoral. I drank something so tiny containing so many individual organisms and now they gonna help me not shit myself. It’s way cool.

I was reading over the blog of a photo editor, and he commented that some photographers are good at smiling people, others are not. I haven’t thought about it previously, but this platitude actually hit home with me, and I’m definitely not in the “smiling” camp. Above is Hanna trying to ignore the camera.

Uppåt Framåt röv
Anna vid Uppåt Framåt
Uppåt Framåt projektion

I’m all for showing ass by low-hanging pants, but once you do it automatically, withouth being aware of it and not bothering to have pretty underwear, it sort of looks stupid. In this guys case, it wasn’t so much stupid as it was ill-fitting

These are mostly pictures from last wednesday at Uppåt Framåt. I really should update more often. If anyone has a suggestion for a offline blog editor that isn’t annoying while allowing me to scale/crop/upload images and videos, I’ll be all over it like a bucket of semen in a bukkake matinée.

Pär och Sine skjortorAnna grönt
Röda glasögon

And last saturday I was working in a bar until half five in the morning. Working is a good way to:

1) Earn money.
2) Save money.

Which I cannot believe i just wrote. All i want is to sit at the other side of the bar, doodling on a napkin and discretely and shyly watch women in the mirror behind the bartender. While pouring alcohol i had the company of Sine, seen here blowing smoke six in the morning while waiting for a tram.

Sine rökerMateusz sv_vGräs på vägg

The past week, now with moving pictures!

I’m trying out a few solutions to publish video as painlessly as possible on the blog. If this video works for you, do let me know. Or, y’know, if it doesn’t. I’m slightly annoyed that this text appears under the video, as well as those two buttons.

I’ve disabled the Revver plugin that showed the video above because it was slowing everything down to a crawl. I’ll host the videos myself, and will put it in here shortly.

Chess, beer, work and virus


The past week and weekend has seen me doing three things:

* Calling companies for work.
* Playing chess and drinking beer.
* Getting inoculated for hepatitis a&b.


Oddly enough, I don’t worry as much as maybe I should.


Ever since I left for Iceland a couple of years ago, returning with a passable Icelandic and general confusion, I haven’t had any specific goals set. Getting in at HFF was not something that was only up to me to accomplish, so that wasn’t as much a proper goal as a wish. Once I got in it I felt awesome. And now, five years later, I’m sort of drifting along a bit too much.


I have great friends, live rather comfortably and am healthy. The stuff I worry about are the same stuff that most other people worry about; money, sex, happiness.

I could do well with more of all three, granted, but it seems like such a waste of time. I would like to worry about something that isn’t an abstract non-issue. (or in case of money, a manifestation of your abstracted self-worth) Of course I’d love to have glorious sex and spend a week drunk, but those things are not supposed to take up so much of ones time – they are the things we do when we are not doing other things. Like curing cancer, or becoming really good at baking.


And while I’m looking for work, any work, I’m occasionally drifting off into willy-wonka land, imagining what I would like to do. Drifting away isn’t very hard when all the vacancies I find have such a perky and up-beat note to them that I stare in disbelief: No one can honestly be this fucking optimistic about offering an evening-job at a call-center. I once interviewed for a two week job carrying crates at a supermarket (see prole) and the interview took one hour where I had to pointificate on how my arts degree would benefit the working place. I almost cried.

Maybe what I should learn is to relax and chill, man.


I am now inoculated against hepatitis a&b, so I should be ok with whatever it is that gives one hepetatis in Tunisia. We are leaving in three weeks time, and I’m looking forward to it. In the meantime I’ll be drinking cheep stuff, smoking as much as I can afford, and start up enough projects that unless I finish some of them I’ll have to move out of shame, in disgrace.


Beer, white teeth, alien porn

Kent på YFO


Yesterday was the last day Kent worked at YFO, my previous place of employment. He’s been working there for ten years, so this is an era of sorts that is coming to an end. A bit melancholy, but he’s moving onto other pastures and will do fine, I’m sure. After playing a bit of pool, during which Mano handed me my ass on a plate, we schlepped over to O’learys for dinner.

Oleary skylt

Monikas hår

O’learys is a sports bar, not a kind of locales that I usually frequent; and for a good reason – it’s full of loud men screaming at tv screens. The food shouldn’t go unmentioned either. In our company of eight, two vomited afterwards; not because of food poisoning, but because their dinners consisted of so much cheese and grease that their stomachs kicked the food in the nuts and threw it out the front door. I’ve always had a rather spartan view of my own needs, so the largest vegan hurdle is other peoples’ look of pained sympathy when the salad sans everything comes in. This is why I love going to Kellys.

Because my mom told me to, I got my teeth salt-blasted. My mouth is bleeding and I can hardly taste anything, but look at that shine:

Tänder smutsiga

Tänder rena

I am not certain that I made the right decision at the age of thirteen when I refused retainers; I like crooked teeth, but they are a bitch to keep clean, not to mention expensive when done in this fashion.

And in the ongoing saga to make you accept alien porn as a reasonalble turn-on: Austrian pinup superheroins – www.beesign.at

Alien pinup

Work, Tunisia, bash.org

I’m spending my days calling around looking for work. The first few calls I almost puked, now it’s becoming a routine. Interesting times – Gimme some money!

Yes, we’re going to Tunisia at the end of November. Which sort of collides with the above mentioned lack of funds.

And lastly, let me remind you that you should visit www.bash.org at least once a month in order to fill your brain with the rotting humor of teenage misogynistic internat chat. The one below is classic:

Eurakarte – RETORT

Polish hawkeye!

One of the first steps towards a drivens license, except for preparing for a gargantuan economical fisting, is getting your sight checked out.


Optician Svante Winkler was kind enough to snap a picture in between shining light in my eyes. Apparently my eyesight is above avererage. Good times.

Tunisia research.

It looks like a few of us might be going to Tunisia in a couple of weeks. I’ve never been outside of Europe, (New York doesn’t count, that city is basically the estranged and rich uncle of Europe) and I’m looking forwards to eating a ton of nuts. In a linguistically similar vein, I found the “Tunisian sex guide” following the wiki-trail, and lol-ed when I found the below headline:


I found no difficulty in giving a blow job (“Aiyz shisha ?” or “Veullez faire du shisha ?” is the way Tunisians usually ask for this service.) to a Tunisian acquaintance in a cinema which was then showing the film Kama Sutra. It is welcome news for many visiting tourists that many of the cinemas near Avenue Habib Bourguiba which show the 18 rated soft porn European films double as places for gay couples to have sex.

The article is available here: www.gayegypt.com

I don’t plan on fellating anyone, but now I’ll definitely be playing “spot the cruising tourists.”

Left-over link goodness

I’ve been doing some housekeeping the past two days. I’m of course talking about my interwub-house, not the irl version. This has entailed mastering whimpering at the mercy of css, and now sorting links. I don’t know why I keep on saving bookmarks for stuff since I never organise them, but I might as well share them with you bored, oh so utterly bored, people.

* Here’s a look at the trends of wearing kaffiya, that mainstay of leftist haute couturé: kabobfest.com

* BLDGBLOG: Architecture and speculation. Theoretical and artsy blog.

* If fonts make you fondle yourself, here you go: fontshop.com/fontfeed

* Journal of Contemporary Art has a bunch of interviews available: jca-online.com

* Do you feel that you have a few years to spare to solve a world-wide problem, but can’t make up your mind about what to do? There is a list that might help you: uia.org

* The Grey Lodge is a good place to start if you’re itching for some original bittorrenting: Lots of art and documentaries, and interesting reviews.

* I think that people who are too cool for somethingawful, but not cool enough for being meta-somethingawful hang on yayhooray.com

* Freakyflicks, the cinephile community: freakyflicks.proboards54.com

* Stock photography from the US government: unclesamsphotos.com

* More pdf magazines than you can shake whatever at: pdf-mags.com

* Animated text art storytelling: yhchang.com

* Beautiful and gothic interaction: Red Interactive Agency

* MetaFilter – What single book is the best introduction to your field for laypeople. Excellent idea.

* ViewDo.com: Video introductions to all kinds of stuff. I learned how to fold my tshirts in four seconds.

* A blog about product and advertising design: notcot.org

* Librarianchick wants nothing more than assist you in finding reading material

* Container ship accidents. With photos! containershipping.nl

* The Tanner lectures on human value, curtesy of the University of Utah: tannerlectures.utah.edu

* The artists guide to making money. I really should go through a site with such a good name, but I’ll let you do that first, and give me the gist of it: theartistsguide.net

* Human and computer interaction in science fiction movies: w5.cs.uni-sb.de

* A fecal load of interesting art: everyoneforever.com

* How to reference a website in an academic paper: neilstoolbox.com

* Learn a new language online: unilang.org

* Rogue science – all the knowledge they don’t want you to have: www.roguesci.org

* Chapter 1 of Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle (Paris, 1967)

* How to solve the Rubiks cube: internet.oit.edu

* Ballardian.com has a bunch of articles. Go fish.

Server status

Ok, the server migration went smoothly after some help from a kind moderator over at wordpress.org forums. I’ve upgraded the blog software, and even my email seems to work. Yay!

I’ll get cracking on that new homepage I’ve been talking about for so long, and show you some drafts once I have them.