Update, tofu, Michael Jackson

This summer has been odd. I’m enjoying sunshine for a change! Just over the weekend, an underwater photo session was followed by a Michael Jackson tribute evening, and I got up in the morning to make my own tofu (piece of cake!) and then went to a barbeque to meet nice peoples. I have what can be described as “a tan,” ruining my usual summer pasttime as a white-balance card for RAW photography. I don’t know what is happening, but I like it.

Having spent the whole day looking for parts to my beater bike – “throwing good money after bad” comes to mind – I’m caffeinating myself before a much needed WordPress update. If anything disappears or looks like poop on your system, please let me know; It’s very possible that the theme I designed for the blog will break into thousand little pieces, but Marlene Dietrich is holding me company, so all should be well.

Update #2

If this blog looks silly when you’re visiting, it’s cause I’m trying out different themes. I won’t go through the trouble of coding my own (it takes a lot longer than you think) so I’m trying to find something that doesn’t break stuff.

Two columns, widget ready, 2.5 compliant, 500px post widht. In case you know of such a thing.


Update to the update: I’m reverting to the old style just to avoid confusion. Looks like I will have to hack together a reasonable theme myself after all. Blast.

Homepage up

The homepage is now officially available.

Let me know if there are any spelling errors, messed up links or if something just bugs you.


And before you mention it: Yes I will be adding content continuously. By making it available I’m hoping that you’ll hold me to it.

I’m in Stockholm right now, interviewing for a computer job that seems interesting. I’m hoping that I’ll find out for sure tomorrow, allowing me to relax somewhat during christmas. Mom is making a bunch of food, and I still have to scavenge buy some presents.

Another video online

I’ve added another video to the guiltyguiltyguilty.org page: Mark Melvin.

Since last week I haven’t really touched the page, just sort of leaning back and occasionally watching the traffic stats (not all that high yet), but I’ll prolly get around changing some of the texts – as it stands it’s focusing a bit too much on music- & film-piracy, instead of the more general question of “intellectual property – is it a useful concept?” sorta thing.

But for now – feed my ego and go and watch the new video.

2009 Update: The above mentioned site is now defunct. Go to monocultured.com for a mirror of the project.