Doing the Reprap #12 — First extrusion

Last Friday, while Pilvari Pirtolas had his opening here at gallery Titanik, I was sitting in an adjacent room and fiddled with my machine. I had managed to get the extruder to heat up and the thermistor to register in Pronterface — a previous day of troubleshooting revealed that I’d connected the hotend to the wrong two pins of the Gen7 board — and now it was heating up with no problem and only a slightly worrying amount of smoke. Once it was mounted on the Accesible Wade’s extruder I was good to go for extrusion test.

I got some visitors from the opening next door, and it was fun to see some people react with curiosity and others with disinterest to the machine. To the uninitiated it looks mostly like a heap of metal and plastic, so the awesome disruptive power isn’t always readily apparent, so I got to practice my pedagogical skills on young and old, tipsy and wasted alike. Once I realized that all motors had the wrong polarity in relation to the Teacup firmware, I pressed “reverse” instead of “extrude” and lo! there was extrusion and much exaltation all around!

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Mental health and you: The incentive to exaggerate.

Went to the doctor today to get my anual vegan probing. I get bloodwork done to determin if my morally correct habits have left me with crippling disabilities on the insides; B12 deficiencies, tumours, wheat penis, etc. As usual, I try to pack as many things into this meeting as possible, so I do my best to get sick just before I go.

I’ve had this stabbing pain in one ear for a month, but after much poking and peering, the young Dr. Benjamin folded his arms and did a meh, concluding that since he couldn’t find anything let’s wait until the symptoms become worse, or better. It will be a consolidation if I end up with half my head amputated because of his wait-and-see strategy, but then again maybe it would be even better if the pain would just leave me the fuck alone.

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Also, I thought I’d get some theraphy out of it. As long as you get a remittal from a doctor, you can get theraphy (cognitive, psychodynamic, whatever) rather cheaply. So I figure since I have horrid mood swings during which I consider kicking dogs in the head (not that there’s anything morally wrong with disliking dogs, the filthy creatures) and often stare blankly into space at the slightest provocation, I might get some state sponsored theraphy to deal with it. No can do. The interview was short, and I’m way too normal to be cookoo.

— So, how long are these apathetic attacks that you get?
— Oh, a day or two. I just stare at the screen, worry about wasting my life away.
— Yeah, that’s perfectly normal. How about sleep, is it giving you any trouble?
— Oh yeah, I sleep very lightly and grind my teeth.
— How many hours of sleep do you get each night?
— Lately between four to eight hours.
— Yeah, perfectly normal.
— But can’t you put me on the list? I need some help here!
— Right, I’ll “put you on the list” right away.

Even though most people are at least as neurotic as I, and the fact that one in ten Swedes is on psychoactive drugs, it can’t possibly be good to feel this way. Goddammit, I want to concentrate my self-centeredness to one session every two weeks, not have it as my main hobby. There are no two ways to go about this I guess: Some dogs are going to wish they never barked in my direction…

Online dating? Good idea.

A link from told about a new app for the ipod that manages your dating profile from, a site that only allows people that match your profile to actually view your profile.

It’s mostly people in the states, but since it’s always fun to fill out questioners and see statistics of yourself I spent ten minutes filling the profile out. My dating DNA is 903-869-182 it turns out. I’m unfamiliar with the whole “dating” thing – it’s something I know mostly via Seinfeldt reruns – but I’m interested in tests and mechanics of personal traits.

The site seems to be a combination of We Neither, and Personal DNA. Go do the test and see if I show up as a match.

Odd search terms

Went to a one hour long interview for a two week job restocking a store. I guess they want to be sure who they pool out to whom, but I see a competing workpool company doing this all through video, youtube style, and cutting down on personel and office space.

I check the stats of this site quite often, and for the umnpht time I bring you “search features that have brough people here“. I took a few out in the middle, but it’s the last three that are interesting:

1 4 11.76% appropriate christmas
16 1 2.94% drunken christmas songs
17 1 2.94% favorite christmas tunes
18 1 2.94% foto possy
19 1 2.94% highlands bird and pet clinic renton
20 1 2.94% japan social networking

Seriously, highlands bird and pet clinic renton? I’m doubting the effectiveness of Webalizer. Have to use the Google analysis tool instead, even though it’s not as fun.

Then I took a test which proved once and for all that I’m destined to be alone and sooner or later kill people silently. Maybe this is what I should have brought to the work interview?

You scored as Special Ops.
Special ops. You’re sneaky, tactful, and a loner. You prefer to do your jobs alone, working where you don’t come into contact with people. But everyonce in a while you hit it big and are noticed and given fame. Your given the more sensitive problems. You get things done, and do what has to be done.


Special Ops
Combat Infantry
Support Gunner

Which soldier type are you?
created with