Tunsia and back, day 7

And on the seventh day they rested, and they saw that it was ok. The last day was packing day. We were leaving at noon, and so we’re packed and out of the room with time enough to buy five litres of olive oil and cigarettes. I walk to the medina alone at first, hoping to score some cheap smokes, …

MateuszTunsia and back, day 7

Tunisia and back, day 5 & 6

We’re back from the trip and Wednesday passes in the sign of leisure. Me and Anna walk around the beach and try to find the “real” Sousse. There has to be something that isn’t geared towards tourists, something that keeps the local people sane if for no other reason than because it’s cheaper. At a beach café we drink coffee, …

MateuszTunisia and back, day 5 & 6

Tunisia and back, day 4

We were told that we would get up early, and by golly we did. At five we wake up, at half five we eat breakfast, at six we’re in the bus. It’s really cold, and we cannot fathom why the hell we are freezing in a bus when we have snug beds back at the hotel thank you very much. …

MateuszTunisia and back, day 4

Tunisia and back, day 2 & 3

Having spent our first evening in the seedy lounge of Sousse Palace, me and Anna wake up hung over. Our companions in the other room are also well hung and are sleeping it off. We leave the hotel in hot pursuit of groceries for breakfast, and soon end up in a plaza café close to the medina. We drink orange …

MateuszTunisia and back, day 2 & 3

Tunisia and back, day 1

We’re back from Tunisia. We have returned from the prehistoric cradle of humanity and can tell you that you can buy a lot of stuff there. It’s a good feeling to be able to cross off another continent from the “to-visit” map, althought the country is more Mediterranean than African. The week-long trip was an excellent idea. Me, Anna, Sine …

MateuszTunisia and back, day 1

Back from Tunisia

Back from Tunisia. I’ll get a video up tomorrow. Now I sleep.

MateuszBack from Tunisia

Going away

I’m going away to Tunisia for a week. Yay. In the meantime I can let you know that the layout for the new homepage is sort of finished. Leave me comments on the layout, the images or whatever – I need to know if I’m on the right track here: monocultured.com/index.html Until I come back I leave you with this …

MateuszGoing away