It is by will alone I set the hoe in motion

I’m getting the hang of this whole “gardening” thing. It mostly consists of moving a whole lot of earth a very short distance — usually just inverting the vertical position of a “shovelful” — and exterminating everything which grows there, supplanting the thriving and natural state of things with a chastised vassal fief, creating orderly rows of ambitious homogeny and thrift. A colonialism of dirt, one might say. I’m currently looking for a pith helmet and should anyone volunteer as my “man servant” or “boy,” I promise to be a lenient master and offer perks, such as an abundance of radishes.

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The waters edge. In my lungs!

This is how my lungs have felt the past week. Today is my third non-smoking day in a row. I haven’t had a non-smoking day since I started seven years ago, which ought to tell you something about how sick I am.

Fall in Stockholm: Water, boats and ducks. Ok, yes, it’s pretty.

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This is your entertainment for today:

Metafilter user xlcus created a Flickr project that mirrors images. Put in your own search terms and lol away.

centre-mirrored image of an owl

Have I told you already that Jonas is picture blogging Berlin? Pardon my wandering eyes.

And a short time lapse of the bridge from the other night. Sooner or later I’ll do something original with this function, but for now I’m happy just emulating what I’ve seen on Discovery Channel.

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