Karma. Collective punishment. Friends.

Here’s the view from my moms balcony a misty evening. The fog shows up every once in a while, and envelops the sleepy subclave in a blanket that allows people to forget what a boring place they’re living in. It’s very pretty then, gives the ambient noise of cars a spooky timbre.

Dans anslag

My Sunday reading is just utterly depressing: How to make friends and get a social life & How to be more friendly and social. it’s too close for comfort, and echos much of what I’ve been hearing increasingly over the years. It’s all from this site, which I suspect is American: www.succeedsocially.com


In its previous incarnation, I reccon that my local busstop was a concentration camp nazi child molestor:


As soon as it’s repaired, the moral backbone of society lash back and tear it down again. Whoever said that violance doesn’t change anything is clearly in the wrong here; now us commuters have to stand in the fucking rain. Yay for collective market force punishment. Bloody kids.

tiltad busskur