The pretty pictures of the past days

Our Apropos 90 show opened yesterday, so now we only have another show at gallery 300m3 to worry about in two weeks time. The catalogue for the Valand spring show is here: [2MB pdf link]

The ones finishing their MA this year showed at Konsthallen, but even though I made my best effort imbibing, nothing much was exciting (mind you, I rarely find anything exciting, so this is more of a rule than an exception), although some of the stuff shown by the un-masters was quite nice. (Problem is that as long as we’re in an institution, there’s a feeling of school assignment creeping in. It’s not necessarily a reflection on the work, but rather that we’re showing at the university with other people who are our class-mates)

The rest of the evening followed a by now familiar pattern of fine drink, fine people and some fine ping-pong.

And it’s always rewarding to look twice at images. For example, I hadn’t realised that the terminator was at the same party as I, standing behind me.

Ad lib 101

Found this on this morning, and it’s making it’s rounds on the Internets. An unknown cab driver was mistaken for the guy he was driving and was interviewed live on BBC in regards to the lawsuit Apple (the old Beatles record company) had brough against Apple (the computer company). The video isn’t fun unless you know this, and now you know this.

inspired by this, i used up all of five minutes of my employers time to do this:


Ok ok, so the guy turned out not to be a cab driver but a guy looking for work at the BBC. Still a case of mistaken identity though, and his initial reaction is golden. Doesn’t matter really, he’ll be “that BBC cab driver guy” and people will argue in bars going “nuh-uh, he wasn’t a cabdriver” “was to”, etc.

More info here:

Another video online

I’ve added another video to the page: Mark Melvin.

Since last week I haven’t really touched the page, just sort of leaning back and occasionally watching the traffic stats (not all that high yet), but I’ll prolly get around changing some of the texts – as it stands it’s focusing a bit too much on music- & film-piracy, instead of the more general question of “intellectual property – is it a useful concept?” sorta thing.

But for now – feed my ego and go and watch the new video.

2009 Update: The above mentioned site is now defunct. Go to for a mirror of the project.