Summer project: To whomever

Petter took a picture of me last weekend, and I liked it a lot; For once I didn’t immediately recognise the person in the picture, but rather saw someone older, more tired, more drunk and in a jacket that doesn’t seem to fit. It’s easy to construct a story about someone when you’re people-watching in a park, or see images of them on tv or in a paper, but it’s seldom that you get to have that distance to yourself.

We joked that it looked like a self-promotional one, the “spontaneous” and “real” image you might see actors sign to hang on the wall of a local bar, or send to fans. And thus I decided to turn this into a small project to occupy my unemployed time.

I’d people to send letters addressed to whomever they think that the person in the picture is.

Write him an email for whatever reason; maybe he had a walk-on role in a movie you like and you’re collecting all the autographs from the cast; perhaps he was in a band fifteen years ago and you’re wondering when the next record is coming out; did he drive a car across twelve state lines in the longest car chase ever showed on COPS; is he the only member of an Esperanto club on an island you’re planning to visit, and does he speak English at all?

Make up a story, name, whatever, and I’ll try to reply to the emails in character. The first twenty or so emails will get a personalised and signed photo if you include an address. (I can’t really afford more than that) Should this project generate more than that amount of mail, I’ll reply by email. (if you’d like a reply at all, that is) If you don’t want your real name revealed, (or your using a pen name) let me know somewhere in the email, otherwise I’ll put it up in the post. To participate, send an email to:

All emails and replies will end up as individual posts on my blog, and there’s a feed tracking just those posts here:


I’ve modified the text above for clarities sake. Also, I’ve been told that this endeavor might seem megalomaniac, but since when can’t megalomaniacs have fun?