What is this place / This is the place

There’s a clearing in the forest close to our allotment garden which I like. A picture, even a stitched panorama as below, doesn’t make it justice since the cliffs are enveloping you where you stand – very imposing.

I’m trying to map it from as many different perspectives as possible – as an art project, since I don’t have the qualifications to call it cultural geography – and I threw up a project site here: mmm.page/monocultured. So far I’ve done some drone video with Hendrik Zeitler and some tracing / photography work at the site. It’s fun, but the project keeps branching and now I’m looking into getting police heli footage and orienteering maps of ths site. I’m not sure where it’ll end up, but right now I’m just collecting materials. As always, my work veers towards a book of some sort, but this time around I’m actually tempted to do an exhibition. I made a timelapse of this site a couple of years ago, and whenever I’m up here I keep thinking of how to make the place justice

As a side note I can really recommend mmm.page as a DIY pagebuilder – I haven’t had this much fun doing a homepage for years. Compared to the pained existence of the portfolio part of this domain – monocultured.com – the mmm pages take seconds to update and the playful process is so far removed from doing UX sketches and flowcharts as can be. Great fun!