Identify the rhytmic sounds, win candy.

Up on a hill near Röda Sten in Gothenburg someone had pitched a tent and played music. A couple DJ’s were taking turns at the turntables, playing one tune each. It was some sort of dubsteppish stuff that I really liked and recorded for later indentification. ID the tracks and I’ll send you a piece of Swedish candy. When was the last time you got such an offer? Never, that’s when! Make me proud, Internet!

[flv: 640 360]

If you’d like to send me the tracks I’ll squeel in delight like a boyscout with a bloodied pocketknife who’s just gutted a baby deer. As an added bonus, why not recommend other good dubstep stuff to make everyone happy.

I know for a fact that baby Jesus is watching and will reward you with golden showers and myrr.


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