Foundlings 2

Of all the 6 and a half billion people in the world, what are the odds that any two people are a real match? Stories from people who know they’ve beat the odds, and the lengths they’ve gone to do it—including an American professor who sings Chinese opera for anyone who’ll listen, to get one step closer to his mate, and two kids who travel halfway around the country to find each other and become best friends.

→ This American Life episode 374: Somewhere Out There.


Bernie Madoff woke up in jail today, after pleading guilty to 11 charges stemming from an enormous Ponzi scheme. How enormous? The most recent court documents put the figure at $65 billion. In another amazing Planet Money Radio Dramatization, Alex Blumberg, Adam Davidson and David Kestenbaum act out a Ponzi scheme of their own.

→ NPR, Planet Money: A Ponzi Drama.


And two clips from Weeds. I don’t know if I look forwards to the next season, but It’s prolly worth a look.

[flv: 640 266]

[flv: 640 275]

Suicide. Synonyms.

On the bridge, Baldwin counted to ten and stayed frozen. He counted to ten again, then vaulted over. “I still see my hands coming off the railing,” he said. As he crossed the chord in flight, Baldwin recalls, “I instantly realized that everything in my life that I’d thought was unfixable was totally fixable—except for having just jumped.”

→ Golden Gate bridge and suicide, written in 2003 by Tad Friend:

The man was grabbed on the eastern promenade of the bridge after passers-by noticed him pacing and growing increasingly despondent. The reason? He had picked out a spot on the western promenade that he wanted to jump from, but separated by six lanes of traffic, he was afraid of getting hit by a car on his way there.

→ The mechanisms and prevention of suicide, by Scott Anderson, 2008:

Checking for squirrels. Wagging the unemployed. Shifting to fifth gear with the purple-veined kidney stabber. Spanking the shit out of your incapacitated midget. Attacking Mr. Happy. Soaking the whisker biscuit.

→ 1700 masturbation synonyms: