Film-festival. Beer. Olives

The film festival has begun and of course it was time to end my two days of sobriety by going to the opening at Järntorget.

Contrary to my friends opinions, I found that most people in there were very pretty. In a we-look-good-and-we-know-it sort of way. It was also very crowded, so I set about drinking myself into the mindset of a bowling pin – I wouldn’t mind wobbling about and being pushed as much, was the idea.

It’s a strange thing. The promises of sleezy and (on my part) slightly flabby sex turned out to be nothing more than another sweet lie told to me by my friend the alcohol in order that it could mingle with more of his beer friends in my gut.

Sanity preveiled though, and at two o’clock Anna, Mateusz, Anna and Olle (AMAO) took a cab home where Mateusz cooked late-night pasta and proceeded with kicking Olle in the proverbial nuts at Xbox.

Then sleep. Good old fashion lonely, cold, sleep. bu-hu. and so on.

MateuszFilm-festival. Beer. Olives

First post! W00+!

So, well, yes, I am just now trying out the new WordPress blog system, and I’ve had a lovely ten hours of repetitive banging the mouse against the screen, my fist against the keyboard and my head against two different walls, but it’s working more or less.

The blog on was taken down by some evil script-kiddie, and I’m not sure if all my wonderful prose, poetry and bile was backed up (No it wasn’t. If anyone has any backup of that stuff, I’d be happy to post it here). Oh well, might as well start over fresh.

So, starting things off easily (of course I’ll start out easily, I’ve fiddled with so much PHP for the last days it’s insane. Insane mostly cause I know no PHP at all and do it out of spite) I’ll just post an image of some coconut pumpkins I saw in Konsum a couple of weeks ago. In an ideal world I’d post it directly from my cellphone, but what the hell, I haven’t gotten that function to work yet.

So I’ll just leave it at that and go drink beer.

2009 Update: I really don’t know where that coconut pumpkin disappeared to. Prolly wanished in one of the annual server switches. I still get hits on that search term, so it’s kinda a pity. Not that this blog focuses on coconut pumpkins, but still, traffic is traffic, right?

MateuszFirst post! W00+!